About Me

I am Cassandra. Visual Designer. Creative. Illustrator.

I am,

a 2017 graduate from LSAD with a BA in Design - Visual Communications.

I am slightly tea obsessed and you will usually find me with tea in hand musing meticulously over the fine details of every project. I get a little nerdy about plants and I am always learning something new in my own time whether it's a new hobby, craft or something that relates to my current working role at that moment in time.

Photo by Murt Fahy, Murtography

A little more about me;

My main focus at the moment is on Web Design / User Interface Design and including Front End Development into my work on occasion. Accompanying my BA in Visual Communications I also have a Diploma in UX Design to improve my skills as a visual / digital designer. Oh! But while I love Design. I keep finding myself being drawn to Illustration especially digital mediums. I think it is something I would like to pursue, but in the meantime it will be a personal pursuit where I can learn and develop a few personal/passion projects!

In my spare time I pursue many things but it mostly consists of drawing/painting in one of the many sketchbooks I own and have yet to complete. I draw my inspiration from nature - flora & fauna, phytology, botanical studies from the fine arts, colour, texture and other artists & illustrators. I am currently searching for other things that will inspire me and my work whether it is in art, illustration or design.

Contact Information; Emailhello@cassandrawalshdesign.com