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This was my very first client project at The UX Studio. It was an enjoyable and a great learning experience for me. The main challenge of this project was to create a brand and further develop that into a marketable and responsive online presence with e-commerce functionality that would make an impact on the Talent Management Consultancy Industry. Talent Impacts covers a wide range of management and coaching services which has a more unique operation to average consultancies. The aim was to communicate this through a clean, sophisticated and meaningful website with an identity that evoked Talent Impacts consistent key focus of; Communication - which translates to the ethos of the agency and it’s future endeavors. The branding consisted of the meaning of a specific Chinese character that translated to “Listen” which is a part of Talent Impacts core communications points. This symbol was close to the client’s heart and was to be the key component of communicating Talent Impacts. After the branding phase I designed a custom e-commerce and responsive website for Talent Impacts that would be built on Wordpress. The design focuses on minimalism and white space.

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